What Web Design Mistakes Ruined Your Website SEO

When building a website, it’s always a confusing decision to focus on an awesome design and user experience or a design that offers better SEO.

It’s a confusing decision as it has been shown that many of the stunning animated website designs got poor reception. But a well-designed website is always expected to increase traffic as a result.

There are many web designers who deliberately ignore the SEO aspect. However, it is always argued that there should be a balance between design and optimization. The synergy of designers with SEO specialists and developers helps to make the most of the website.

The SEO friendly websites that are in the redesign phase should be carefully monitored as the forthcoming design may affect the ranking of the website.

The mistakes in website web design can ruin your website SEO:

Using the Splash Pages: The splash pages can be eye-catching, but they can prove to be a barrier and an obstacle between SEO and the website. A homepage with no content and navigation is not favored by SEO as it can result in inappropriate indexing of the site.

Full Flash: Again, while pleasing to the visitor’s eyes, Flash is never the preferred choice for SEO. But it must be used moderately and should not be zero.

Frame Overuse: Inconsistently, many websites have been designed with the excessive use of frames. They don’t offer any help in SEO. Using the frames makes it unprofitable for the search engines to crawl the valuable content of the website.

Pictorial representation instead of significant elements: The image content is the main form of navigation for search engines without any functional use. In contrast, navigation alone does not make the site effective.

Use of pop-ups: Using popups is perceived as tasteless. They are found to make the predisposition or prejudice about the website and the SEO is not even possible. It’s better to forget about the pop-ups forever.

Avoiding the navigation standards: Some designers create completely weird websites with no navigation standards. If the navigation used is not planned and organized, it is a complete waste of resources.

Inappropriate 404 error page: Creating a custom 404 error page helps bring humor to the site. Although the mere intention to be creative may involve ignorance of essential factors such as B. the link to return to the home page of the website.

It helps in improving user experience while increasing efforts and bringing overall SEO value.

Source by Sumit Kumar

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