What to look for in an SEO website design

Website design is important for every business today, but there are different aspects to a good design than what meets the eye. An SEO website design specifically created with Search Engine Optimization best practices in mind is a great asset to any business and can make its online marketing much more effective. Good SEO helps a website to rank higher and get a high volume of traffic for years to come.

A website design with a focus on SEO has very clean code, which means there is no redundant or unnecessary information that could cause search engines to not crawl a website’s content properly or determine it as a low-quality website. Cleaner code will result in much faster website load times, which search engines are now evaluating in their ranking algorithms. Visitors also appreciate a fast-loading website, especially when working on a slower connection.

Good design also focuses on creating the highest possible conversion rates for whatever the owner is trying to achieve. Even if it doesn’t look like it, it can affect a website’s ranking in many ways. One of those ways is that more customers and fans lead to more shares, and social shares are now a very important part of good search engine rankings.

Some of the factors that can determine whether a website has a good conversion rate or not are site navigation and information architecture. A website that is easily searchable and allows visitors to find what they are looking for quickly will make people far happier than one that doesn’t. When these people are happy, they buy or share what they find. Information architecture refers to the way information is displayed on each page. It should be easy to browse, allowing visitors to select key points and make decisions.

Images are another important part of any SEO website design. Proper optimization and placement of images can not only help pull more traffic from search engine image search sections, but also increase the amount of time visitors spend on a website. This combination of well-placed images and important, well-organized content will keep visitors on a website longer, which is what most search engines take into account when creating their rankings.

A website should also have a search engine friendly URL structure. Some websites have ugly URLs that contain unnecessary words, numbers, or other characters that can hurt their ranking. URLs that search engines like are short and only contain words that are relevant to the content on each individual page.

Keeping SEO in mind is important for those looking for a website design. A search engine-friendly design helps a business page rank higher by being more attractive to a search engine’s algorithms, while also making its visitors happier and more willing to buy and spread its message.

Source by Ronald H. Brown

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