What is SEO

We all must have heard that word SEO. We’ve heard that a number of times. And also have a keen interest in learning more about SEO. So, this article will let you know about it What is SEO and also the tips for SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.SEO is a way to get traffic to a website. We must follow white hat SEO because it is the only way to rank. If we use the other method that we could ban, we just have to focus on the white hat SEO. So, what is Google Algorithm – No one really knows Google Algorithm that well, since Google changes its search algorithm about 500-600 times a year, but it is not chosen by the user. So there are basically two types of SEO: On-Page SEO & OFF-Page SEO.


So, ON Page SEO is the type of SEO where we make changes to a website or website pages as per the requirement to rank a website on the search engine results page. Basically, we use the keywords properly in our title, description and URL. Google has their bot that is used to check our website and if it’s correct it will be ranked. Things we need to keep in our mind are

• Find a keyword that is searched multiple times on Google, target that keyword and use it appropriately on a website.

• The domain name/URL should be user-friendly.

• The title keyword we used should be there.

• The content should be appropriate and user-friendly.

• Convert the website from http:// to https://

• Page speed or the loading time of the website may be lower.

• Broken links should not be present on the website.

• The bounce rate should be low.

• The click rate should be high.


As the name suggests, OFF-page SEO is the type of SEO where the work is done off-site to rank a website on the search engine results page, which is OFF-page SEO. In this SEO method that we are building, the link is called link building. OFF Page SEO is done to get the backlinks back. As the backlinks help to improve the rank of a website on the website in the search engine results page. So we need backlinks, but it’s all about the quality of the backlinks, not the amount of backlinks. While getting the backlinks, we have to keep in mind that the term PA & DA. We should try to get the backlinks of the sites that have the good PA & DA. When we get the bad backlinks to a website, there is a chance that a website will be banned by the googlebots as well. So we should go for the high quality backlinks. The ways we can get the backlinks are:

• Business Listing

• Local listing

• Social bookmarking

• Submission of Articles

• Content Marketing

• Submission of the press release

• Guest blogging

• Blog Comments

• Delivery of infographics

• Profile Submission

• Classifieds

• Forum Submission

• Blog Directory Submission

• Question and answer websites

• Video Submission

• Image transmission

• Engagement in social media

• Reach of influencers.

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