Website Maintenance Services – What Are You Paying For?

When you’re spending money on professional website management services, it’s not enough just to have a company publish your latest blog posts or upload a new video to your homepage.

Instead, you need to make sure your money also covers these 5 things:


The good website management companies make it easy for you to choose from a variety of services, giving you a finished product that suits your needs without sacrificing your bottom line.

And remember, options don’t come in the form of a confusing contract. Instead, you should be able to pay for your website maintenance services on a monthly basis – complete with the freedom to continue at any time.

2. Expertise

Anyone can hide behind the anonymity of a computer monitor and offer “advice”. This is why you see so many unqualified people trying to sell their website maintenance services! But if you don’t entrust your website management tasks to a reputable professional, you’re just wasting your time and money.

So how do you know if you’re dealing with an expert?

talk to them! Your potential business should be able to explain even the most complex details in a way that you can understand. Plus, good website management teams have years of experience — and you’ll be able to tell that expertise over the phone or in an email conversation.

3. SEO Tips

While your website maintenance services don’t involve keyword research or link building strategies, you should rely on your website management team to ensure your website is as search engine friendly as possible. You need to look out for things like broken links, slow-loading pages, and outdated content. So you don’t end up on the wrong page in the search engines!

Besides checking for problems, your website maintenance company should also have enough SEO expertise to be able to provide recommendations that can make your website even more attractive to the search engines.

4. Marketing Consulting

SEO can be a great way to get attention, but it’s not the only way to get your website seen! As a result, you should be able to rely on your website management team to offer you all manner of online marketing advice to help you attract as much traffic as possible!

5. The little things

The companies that provide good website services think about things that the “other guys” don’t – like making sure your website loads in Firefox and Google Chrome (in addition to Internet Explorer). They also have state-of-the-art methods to keep security issues at bay and ensure your site looks great on mobile. In the end, they always have a solution for you – no matter how big or small the problem is!

Source by Andrew Holoubek

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