Using WordPress for Ecommerce with WP Ecommerce

WordPress is a powerful and very popular blogging script that is easy to use and maintain. Well-coded flexibility allows for many uses beyond blogging, including content management, social networking, directories, and portal pages. Have you ever thought about using WordPress as an ecommerce site?

The WP Ecommerce Plugin allows you to transform WordPress from a meek blog into a full-featured ecommerce site. Features include multiple shipping and payment methods, tax zone management, shipping estimates, and product attributes. Supported payment options include Google Checkout, PayPal, and WP eCommerce also uses a nice one-page checkout system that smooths the checkout process for your customers and increases the conversion rate.

With WordPress as the foundation of your ecommerce site, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of one of the most powerful content management systems out there. The update feature and the very smart admin panel give you the ability to easily add plugins and themes to customize your ecommerce site.

Add widgets to your sidebar or other areas in your theme. Add social networking, user profile, and even forums and classifieds features to your ecommerce site to generate traffic and inbound links. Most hosting providers allow you to easily install WordPress with a click or two. From there, WordPress gives you the ability to easily add most plugins and themes using search features in the admin panel.

Another benefit that WP eCommerce gives you for your internet storefront is its simplicity. Many ecommerce scripts can be overkill and cumbersome for the typical internet storefront. They often require too much customization and configuration to be practical. With WordPress and WP, ​​ecommerce configuration is pretty easy and customization is easy by using a robust WordPress theme system.

Do you have a small ecommerce project you’re considering? Get web hosting and give WordPress a shot. You may find that an exceptional blogging platform can also be a great ecommerce platform!

Source by Adam Sullivan

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