Traffic Travis Review – Is This Popular Keyword Traffic Tool Really Worth Your Hard Earned Money?

If you need the ultimate SEO software program, already serving 200,000 successful internet marketers, then you can’t afford to miss this Traffic Travis review. This review analyzes the latest released version to test its claim to be the best keyword research and traffic tool available on the market. This will help you decide if the investment is worth it.

This software program teaches you how to implement internet marketing strategies, conduct detailed keyword research, assess ranking and make necessary corrections to your websites to rank higher. You can leave your competitors behind by gathering valuable information about quality backlinks with this tool.

Highly accurate and detailed keyword research

Users need to enter a search term and this software program automatically provides over 2,000 keywords related to the specific search term. These keywords are valid on Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are highly relevant and can be sorted out immediately according to their relevance.

A new addition to Traffic Travis v.4 is the highly personalized dashboard, which can store different projects with keywords for different tools. They are displayed as a summary each time Traffic Travis is opened on your computer.

The process of keyword research is now very sophisticated. If the keyword appears in the title and anchor text, Traffic Travis will display it in the results. It’s now possible to find out how difficult it would be to rank for a particular keyword by tracking a full SEO analytics report for that keyword.

Find relevant AdWords competitor data

There are many Traffic Travis reviews online that do not provide important information about the AdWords competition feature in the program. You will find that all information about the competition is available in one place. It allows you to access keywords and website information in a single window.

You can use AdWords to find out what your competitors are doing in terms of advertising. You will get a very accurate assessment. All you have to do is optimize your website to beat it in search engine submission.

For example, the most popular keywords in each group of advertisers are displayed along with the number of ads that exist for the particular keyword. This information will help you figure out the keywords you can use to run a profitable paid campaign.

Other useful tools to help you take your business to the next level

Traffic Travis Professional comes with the brand new domain research tool. You can now view relevant domain names with different endings in the members area. Choose and book them directly with the domain registrar that appears in your members area.

With a new tool in this software program, you can now find quality backlinks. A full breakdown of URLs relevant to your keyword is displayed, including follow or no-follow links, authority, page rank, and overall importance.

If you are interested in AdSense, you will find that this tool is indispensable as it presents the top 10 websites using AdSense for a specific term. Finding ways that deliver large amounts of traffic at a much lower cost than AdWords is very useful.

I wrote this Traffic Travis review to help you analyze this popular keyword traffic tool from a balanced perspective. It is evident that the new features combined with the low price make this tool a must-have tool for all online marketers. You get better value for money than you can expect from a software program of this quality.

Source by Caroline Nandakumar

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