Top SEO Tips – Get Google to crawl your site in less than 24 hours

Whether you’re a website owner or an internet marketing professional, working with Google is important, and from time to time you need to get Google to crawl your website or your client’s website as quickly as possible . This can be for many reasons, for example your client has changed their domain name or you are launching a new or improved website.

This simple document will show you how to get Google to crawl your site in less than 24 hours, a great SEO top tip.

Step 1: Create a Google Site Map account

Follow the link below and follow the instructions in it. (

Step 2: Create sitemap

Create XML sitemap, not TXT as XML is the preferred format.

Use the following website to create a sitemap, go to the following site type in your domain and your site will be automatically spidered and a Google sitemap created. (Go to Google Sitemaps)

Step 3: Upload the sit map file to the website

XML sitemap once created is uploaded from hosting account to website via FTP or Cpanel.

Step 4: Tell Google

Tell Google about the sitemap. Sign in to the Google Sitemap account and add the URL of the sitemap.

Step 5: Check back

Check again a few hours later to make sure it uploaded correctly (

Step 6: Free Google Website Trial

After Google reads and crawls the sitemap, it should take 12 to 24 hours before you see a confirmation link next to the sitemap name. Click the link and Google will instruct you to create an empty file and place it on your webpage. Once this is complete, Google will alert you to any problems crawling the site.

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Source by Andrew T Byrne

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