Top 3 tools for SEO newbies

The top 3 free tools SEO newbies try are:

1. Google suggest

Most SEO experts complain that Google does not provide a suitable tool for detailed keyword research, and they are partly right. However, the Google Suggest tool, while fairly crude, does give an indication of the number of searches made using specific keywords. Just enter your keyword. Simple but fairly effective target.

2. Google PR Toolbar

The Google toolbar offers a “page rank” checker, which is invaluable when exchanging links with other websites. The Page Rank Checker is not installed by default, so you need to make sure you enable the “Page Rank” option during installation. Once installed, the toolbar will show you the page rank of any site you are currently browsing. Page rank is a key factor when deciding on exchanging links with other websites and this tool saves time when deciding on the quality of other websites.

3.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must for every webmaster. I was amazed to find that many corporate websites do not have an analytics tool and many simply rely on basic data provided by the hosting company’s stats tool and by sifting through server logs. Not only is Google Analytics free, but it also provides such detailed statistics that once you try it, you will never use it again. It’s easy to install (just two lines of code to install on each webpage), but it’s arguably one of the best analysis tools available to SEO professionals.

The world of SEO can be confusing for those trying to get a handle on its ever-evolving principles. However, the 3 tools mentioned in this article provide a good foundation to further improve your education and understanding of SEO principles.

Source by Dan Bernard

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