This is how you build links for your website and get high rankings

Creating a professional website involves many steps. From buying a domain name to buying links for your website. To create a website we need three things: domain name, web hosting and website builder. After completing your website, you will find that your website does not show up in search engines for certain keywords. You can check your website’s rank with the Rank Checker tool. I use the SEO Book Rank Checker tool. If you don’t find your rank in the top 10 positions, your website is not eligible for a top 10 ranking. The next step is to analyze your weaknesses and strengths. Check your weak and strong opponents and compare them separately. Once you’ve done that, check out how to solve weak problems. It’s all about backlinks. More backlinks push your rank up.

I use a few strategies to build my backlinks. Some of them are:-

Writing is an art you must possess if you are looking for free ways to promote your website and in doing so you can write articles and publish them in article directories to increase your sales traffic on your websites.

Submit Your Website to Paid Directories Paid directories give your website a premium listing that increases a certain amount of traffic to your website.

Exchange links from link exchange websites. You can use Link Market to exchange links.

Use Craigslist to build backlinks. You will find that Craigslist is a cheap or free classifieds service.

Join talk groups like Yahoo! Answers and Google Groups and provide links to relevant resources.

Submit an article to industry news sites and article directories. Most of them are free and offer you high PR.

After applying these techniques you will find that your website will become more popular and search engines will provide better ranking for your website.

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Source by Kamlesh Kumar Sharma

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