The 5 Best Keyword Search Tools for Real Estate in 2017

Finding the right keywords for your real estate business is the real challenge. In fact, it is very important to start with. You need to search for the right keywords that will attract the right audience for your business. At the same time, you have to think about the competition. The keywords you should use should pass your competitors or you need to look for words that have less competition that will probably help you rank on search engine pages. This does not mean that you have to search for the terms that nobody is searching and hunting for, you lose your main goal. Instead, you need to find something that will attract enough people to your real estate website, but less competition. hard, right? Because of this, you need to use keyword search tools so that you can study your keywords carefully and decide which ones to use.

However, if every real estate agent uses the same famous real estate keyword research tools, they will all come to the same conclusions. The key is to use a keyword search tool or two and match the results.

Here are some of the best keyword search tools to use for your real estate website in 2017.

Google Keyword Planner

This is one of the most well-known keyword search tools, but you should still consider it for reference and compare it to the other results you find in other search tools. This tool is free and integrated directly into Google AdWords. You must have a Google AdWords account to use this tool. You can register for free. The advantage is that it gives you deep information. It also gives you a monthly estimate of impressions based on keyword phrase and gives you numerous ways to filter keyword searches. However, this tool will not show you how your real estate website performs in search engines with the specified keyword.

SEOBook’s keyword suggestion tool

This is a great Aaron Wall site that pulls search data from a variety of reliable sources. You can use this as a cross reference tool.

adCenter add-in (for Excel)

You might also want to test your keywords with the Microsoft Keyword Tool. It may be limited to MSN data, but it will give you interesting insights that will guide you in your keyword strategy. Not only did they want to please Google, they also wanted to maybe rank on other search engine sites like MSN.

word tracker

Small real estate companies use WordTracker not only to search for keywords, but also to build new links that you can’t find in other search tools. It also helps you develop a strategic SEO platform. The only limit of this tool is that the results are sometimes lower than its competitors.


This is a great tool for keeping tabs on your competitors. This tool offers much more than the others. You can add your URL to see what keywords are ranking with your site, or you can add your competitor’s URL to see what words are ranking with it.

Each tool has its own pros and cons, choose the one that suits your needs at the moment.

Source by Michael Yee

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