Strengths – The first step in your SWOT analysis

Here are the 4 steps to your analytics plan.

Can you guess the first step in your competitive analysis?





If you selected “Threats”, you made the right choice.

You can beat your competitors at their own game. Here’s how:

Step 1: Find blogs like yours in your niche with your DA.

To do this, I go to

Scroll down to Browse Top Sites and enter your URL.

Scroll down to Which sites belong to (your blog name).

Copy the URL of the first website.

Step 2: Go to

If you don’t have an account, create one.

Paste the competing blog’s URL where All Reports, Input Domain, Keyword or…

Make sure Domain Summary is displayed in the drop-down menu

Scroll down to Top Organic Keywords.

I found this:

Tribe 11(6) 880

One of my competitors ranks for the keyword Triberr. With 880 searches per month, it is in 11th place.

I actually started a draft on Triberr. Suppose I wanted to beat his 11th position.

what would i do

Step 3: Click on the keyword. At Semrush, the keywords are links.

You’ll see all of your competitors ranking for that keyword.

When I clicked the link, I saw this article at position 2:


NinjaOutreach is a serious blog. Would they have a DA bigger than mine? Probably.

Look at the numbers in the heading. You want to be able to beat those numbers to get people clicking on your link. I can actually beat that number as I have a reach of 8 million on Triberr. It is still possible to write about Triberr.

Notice how I now have instructions on how to name my item. I want to make sure search engines see my 8M number in my headline so they click on my post.

Can I reach position 1 so people will see my post alongside Ninja Outreach’s?

Note: Semrush only allows 10 free uses per day.

Step 4: Go to Moz’s Open Site Explorer:

You need to see if your competitor has a higher Domain Authority ranking than you.

Paste your competitor’s link where you see the URL.

At the time of writing Ninja Outreach has a Domain Authority Rank of 55. Mine is 46.

Google is more likely to show their readers the Ninja Outreach article than mine.

Conclusion: I will not end my Triberr article, at least for now.

You may be wondering if position 3 would be okay for me? Do I have to be at the top of page 1? My answer is yes, I do.

Nobody will click on my post, even if the numbers in the headline beat what’s already on the internet. Nobody will click on my article if they don’t see it.

If these are your conclusions, go back to Alexa and repeat the process on Semrush with #2.

Nice and easy! Rinse and repeat!

Source by Janice Wald

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