Social Network Strategies – Microsoft’s new Bing SEO toolkit for website developers

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, released a new free search engine optimization toolbox in January 2010. This SEO chat is aimed at website developers, hosting providers and server administrators and will help improve website discoverability and user experience.

In Microsoft’s bid to grab a piece of the search engine market, they obviously don’t want to compete with Google as much as they want to offer users more specific online tools for SEO. This service provides site analysis tools, a robot exclusion tool, site maps and site index offerings. As most website developers and SEO consultants know, these tools are some of the most needed in the industry when it comes to helping clients drive targeted traffic to their websites.

Industry reviews of the search engine optimization tool stated that the website analytics tool is among the best. It allows displaying content, structure and URLs of local and external websites. The system can identify issues across all criteria that may have a negative impact and impact visitor experience. As with any good online tool, several reports are provided to analyze a website’s compliance with recommendations. These reports list any broken links, duplicate content, or performance issues.

Despite the positive impact that the Microsoft Bing SEO Toolkit can provide, it is not a substitute for other well-known optimization tools. However, the introduction of this service by Microsoft shows that the company is thinking of new markets and has a desire to help the online professional community.

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