Shared web hosting defined

Many people who are just starting out in internet marketing have many questions. One question in particular might be: what is shared web hosting? A shared web hosting company is one that offers many websites on one server. Every single site has its own place on the server, different from all other sites.

Need an example?

Consider carpooling for a moment. A group of people share a car and share the cost of gas. This helps everyone reduce their travel expenses. Instead of one person paying for all the gas, the cost is divided equally by the number of people involved. Shared web hosting is the same principle. It is the most popular form of hosting as it offers cheaper hosting costs for each person.

A solid little business idea

A shared service is a good idea for small businesses and those just getting started with the internet. It’s a way to keep your costs down while you learn what it takes to continue growing your business. Who isn’t ready and willing these days to find something that will help save some money for other needed projects? It just makes good business sense to use a shared web hosting company. Features shared web hosting should include

There are a number of features to look for when choosing a web hosting site. Make sure your selection includes the following:

o Multiple domain hosting

o 24/7 live support

o Affordable plans

o Plenty of bandwidth and storage to accommodate growth as your business needs increase

99% uptime of service

There are literally thousands of hosting sites on the internet for you to choose from. Research companies thoroughly before making your selection. Choose the shared web host that best suits your website needs. Make sure the web host has a good track record and is reliable.

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