Seven Easy Steps to a Super Effective Free SEO Strategy That Works Now!

Today you know a simple but highly effective SEO tip that almost guarantees you a top spot. A real and unbeatable whitehat SEO technique.

The secret lies in intelligently constructing a highly effective *interweaving of link wheels* that will escalate you to top search engine rankings. Just follow these seven-step SEO techniques.

1. Prepare yourself first with about 26, 100% unique (copyscape passed and not spun!), 250-300 word articles on your niche. Scatter your keyword randomly through the articles 3-4 times. Remember to include your keyword in the article title, preferably as the first word.

2. Now open 24 new accounts on Web 2.0 properties, such as: Blogger, WordPress, Jimdo, Hubpages, Weebly, Tumblr, Jimdo, Gather, LiveJournal, Zimbio, Xanga, Vox, Quizilla, Terapad + others, about 24 in total. …

3. Publish a different unique article with two links, either in the article itself or in your bio, on every single Web 2.0 site. One of the links points to another Web 2.0 property on which you have already published another article. And the other link to your website url as anchor text.

4. Follow this pattern for 24 items to create 4 (interconnected) link wheels. Each connection wheel has 6 web 2.0 properties.

5. Once you have created your mesh of 6 connecting wheels, open two Squidoo lenses and post the remaining 2 of your unique items there.

This is important now. Associate each of these Squidoo lenses with any 4 of your Web 2.0 properties. That means there are 8 links pointing to your 24 web properties.

Sidenote: You can also increase all 24 or more by opening more Squidoo Lenses, but only post unique items to your additional Squidoo Lenses.

6. The next step is to social bookmark both Squidoo lenses on 25+ websites (like: Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Bebo, etc.). Forget your old accounts with them! Open new accounts and tag them with each of them.

7. Next, copy the 25 RSS feed links from each of these social bookmarking sites and submit each of them to over 100 RSS aggregators. This will ensure your linkage wheels are indexed quickly.

Finally, create a 20-30 second video about your website and upload it to some high traffic video sites like YouTube. Make sure to link to your website URL(s) in the description for extra backlinks!

Well I hope you found this SEO tip easy. With a few hours of work, you can have your own path to top SEO rankings for the keywords you want on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

That’s free targeted traffic for you… Enjoy!

Source by S. Kumar

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