SEO – Webmarketing Search engine optimization for your company

As a traditional company, you focus on many forms of marketing. If you’re a small business, you can largely rely on word of mouth and get your customers to give you referrals. Chances are you have business cards, brochures and flyers. And your website probably caters to the same marketing concepts to provide company information and cool pictures.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, a business website cannot be another traditional marketing tool that happens to be found online or only by your existing customers. The Internet is completely changing the way people shop for goods and services, and if potential customers can’t find you on the Internet, they will do business elsewhere. To build a good web presence, you need to shift your focus to web marketing and search engine optimization.

Web marketing is very similar to traditional marketing, but applied to the web. Word of mouth is becoming social media, business cards are becoming directories and search engine listings, brochures are becoming video or article marketing, and flyers are becoming online classifieds. However, you must use search engine optimization for web marketing for these marketing strategies to be successful.

This requires careful keyword research of your niche or specialty and using those keywords throughout your internet marketing. Your keyword or phrase should appear in your domain name or URL, your site title, and throughout your site at about one to three percent density. This means that for every four hundred words, you should have your keyword four times.

Source by Jason A Osborn

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