SEO and LCI – Improve website ranking in search engines

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been around since Google’s potential as a gold mine became known. It wasn’t really that long ago, but at the rate at which the Internet and the World Wide Web are evolving, it’s like history. In fact, things are evolving so fast in the cyber world that SEO now has variations like Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. While SEO can improve website ranking in search engines through proper use and number of keywords in web content, LSI is a variant that combats search engine defenses against websites that are too “keyword stuffed” by using synonyms or words with similar meanings to the actual keywords are used.

This too to improve website rankings. It’s all about ranking, right? Getting as much attention as possible, in turn, leads to more web traffic, which in turn creates more opportunities or opportunities by whatever means the webmaster can use to make a profit. The key is to get the visitors there first, the web traffic. Well, if you’ve been using SEO to do the same thing for your website for a while, you might want to take another look. Simple SEO, as mentioned above, could have the opposite of the desired effect.

If you haven’t noticed the LSI onslaught, now is the time. The rough approaches of SEO alone can no longer improve website rankings like they used to in the old days. LSI is a simple concept. For example, if your keyword was “cat”, you can have it appear in the web content a few times per x number of words in the article, while also including “cat” or “pet” in the article in the meantime. It’s a pretty simple approach to negating the negative effects of keyword stuffing.

Source by Jonathan Sutton

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