Search engine optimization with SEO hosting

Search engine optimization is the hottest topic on the internet for every webmaster. A large number of SEO companies offer their services to webmasters, but still no one can guarantee the results. With this in mind, webmasters are reluctant to pay high fees to search engine optimization companies. For this, most webmasters try to improve their website rankings themselves and others resort to cheap So packages that end up scamming.

What is this SEO and why most webmasters don’t achieve their goals on their own? The answer lies in the basic rules of SEO that are derived from search engines and change from time to time. However, SEO gurus have managed to create some basic guidelines for webmasters. According to this, search engines rank websites based on backlinks. As a step forward, the quality of these links also plays a big role.

The next thing that comes to mind is how to get quality backlinks for our websites and who decides their quality. Because of this, major search engines like Google are very clear on selling links. After leaving this option out, what are the chances for a webmaster to get backlinks from good websites? With this in mind, SEO specialists have introduced SEO web hosting for webmasters.

Let’s take a look at SEO hosting and how it affects search engine rankings. SEO hosting is basically a type of web hosting that offers multiple class c IPs. Anyone familiar with IPs knows that IP is made up of 4 blocks, just like any phone number. Here, the third block is known as the C block and represents the website hosting location.

If we get web hoses with different C class IPs and create a cluster of high quality websites on it, search engines will treat each website as an independent identity. Usually, companies continue to focus on the C class, but some SEO hosting companies have managed their data centers in different locations, which really helps them to build websites from different areas.

This begs the question, why is this crap needed when one can create clusters of high quality websites on the same hosting as addon domains? Ok, your logic may be good, but that’s why we refer to multiple IP hosting as SEO hosting. Search engines, especially Google, do not value backlinks that come from the same website, and also from websites hosted on the same IP address. They consider these websites to be from the same person, so the link juice never gets to the main website.

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