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A search engine optimization company helps optimize other companies’ websites. These companies help the non-branded companies to present themselves as brands and the branded companies to increase their brand equity. The main motive for hiring a search engine optimization company is to increase the visibility of one’s website, increase the visibility of the website to the internet users and consequently improve customer conversion.

What is search engine optimization?

This is the process that helps in improving your website’s ranking in various search engines (namely Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more). The unpaid search results of various search portals are referred to as “organic” search results. SE optimization companies opt for different methods to make the target website stand out in this organic search result.

The main goal of bringing up the client’s website in the organic search results is to bring more visitors to the website. As the total number of visitors to the site increases, the likelihood of viewers converting to customers increases. The different types of organic search that the SEOptimization companies target include video search, image search, topical search, local search, vertical or industry search and many more. Thus, SEO increases the web presence and visibility of the website.

What are the Different SEO Services Offered by SE Optimization Companies? A search engine optimization company’s SEO service includes:

1. Complete analysis of the website.

2. Review of the content with regard to some technical aspects (keyword density, keyword prominence, uniqueness of the site, and much more).

3. Analysis of the competitor’s activity in the targeted keywords (for both global and demographic searches).

4. Analysis of backlinks or incoming links of the affected website.

5. Research of key phrases as specified by the client.

6. Setting up the analysis tool (e.g. Google Analytics) and the webmaster tool for the customer website.

7. Rewriting the meta tags (key phrases, title, description) according to SE optimization requirements.

8. Creation of sitemap page for website and sitemap XML for submission (for Google and Yahoo submission).

9. Overhaul of internal links to improve viewer navigation throughout the site and also increase conversion.

10. Fixing the broken links for proper website optimization.

11. Installation of the blog on the website.

12. Creation of the RSS feed and subsequent transmission.

13. HTML and CSS validation, code optimization and related error correction.

14. Website URL canonicalization issue.

15. A reputable search engine optimization company will help in content creation and SEO writing to optimize the web presence of the website.

16. Writing articles for submission and then submitting them manually in the most SEO-friendly way.

17. Submission of the website to various directories to improve the indexability of the website through targeted SEs.

18. Ad creation in various classified ads like Craiglist and many more.

19. Promotion of the website via social media and various target forums.

20. Build quality links for the website in all possible ways (Two way or Reciprocal, Three way and N number of link ways).

A good search engine optimization company will provide all of the SEO services listed above to their clients.

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