Reasons why it takes time for your SEO campaign to work

Many people wonder why it takes so long for an SEO campaign to work. In this article I will discuss some of the reasons why SEO takes time and cannot be done quickly.

Let’s start with your website and let’s say you have a website with 10 pages. Once your search engine optimization company has made the necessary changes to your content, meta tags, etc., it can take up to a month (never in some cases) for the search engines to reindex your web pages to reflect your new changes. So just by working on site you can see that this all takes time and is out of the hands of the search engine optimization company. However, there are a few things you can do to speed up this process. Publishing a sitemap.xml file to Google can help speed up the process. You can also get new links from an external source pointing to the changed pages. If you have a website that is adding content regularly and has a lot of pages, it can help search engines index your website faster. Because they will visit your site more regularly, knowing that you are constantly adding content. The search engines want to return the most recent results. When you have a new website, it can be more difficult to get the search engine to quickly reindex your pages.

Now let’s take a look at link building and let’s say for example you placed a link in a quality directory. Since most good directories have a backlog of entries, it can sometimes take months for the directory editor to find your link. He then has to check your website for relevance to the category you submitted in order to then place the link in the directory. Now the above rules regarding re-indexing of the page apply so that the search engines take your new link into account.

As you can see from the information above, it can take time for the hard work of your search engine optimization company to show results. You just have to be patient. Once it starts working, you can see the benefits that Search Engine Optimization can bring.

Source by Sam L Lowe

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