Micro Niche Finder Review – New Generation Market and Keyword Analysis Tool?

Micro Niche Finder, as the name suggests, is a software tool that helps you find untapped niche markets. Actually, not only does it help you to spot profitable niches, but it is also meant to be used as a tool for finding and analyzing keywords.

If you’ve been building niche websites for a while, I’m sure you’ll agree that the KEY to building a successful and profitable niche website is finding the RIGHT keywords. But what do the right keywords mean?

To be considered the RIGHT keyword, it must meet the following 3 basic criteria:

1. There are people searching for the keyword (aka search volume).

2. There are NOT too many competing websites targeting the keyword (those are the competitors).

3. The keyword must have high commercial value or intent.

When it comes to finding the right keywords, there is NO exact scientific method. It is a combination of software tool, experience and gut feeling. One thing is for sure, you need to sit down and spend some time chasing them down.

How can Micro Niche Finder help you?

First, Micro Niche Finder can help you save TIME as it is specifically designed to quickly and accurately find the RIGHT keywords or keyword phrases (i.e. keywords that meet the 3 criteria discussed above).

I’m particularly impressed by a feature called “Strength of Competition” or SOC. This little feature will clearly show you which keywords are worth targeting and which keywords need to be used with caution. All keyword phrases are clearly identified with a color code. For example, a green color means the keywords have good search volume and little competition. A yellow color means the keywords have moderate competition and a red color means there is strong competition.

So, by looking at the color indicator, you’ll know which keywords to focus on (green), which keywords to use with caution (yellow), and which keywords are NOT worth targeting (red). I’m not saying that you should completely ignore the RED colored keywords but rather proceed cautiously as the competition is fierce and the keywords are more difficult to rank in the search engines.

Another thing I like about Micro Niche Finder is that the owner (James Jones) keeps updating the software. It is currently version 4.x and this new version comes with another nice feature known as Keyword Commercial Intention. This means that you can now easily see if a particular keyword you are targeting can lead to sales or not. Keywords with high commercial intent mean they are likely to convert into SALES!

Last but not least, Micro Niche Finder is a one-time cost software tool and includes free lifetime upgrades.


When running any online business, one of the most important skills you need to develop well is market/keyword research as it is the key to your success. Micro Niche Finder is a very decent market and keyword analysis tool that not only can save you a lot of time but also help you to dominate your niche markets.

Source by Leon Lioe

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