Marketing Tips – 7 SEO Secrets of Successful Internet Marketers

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is THE most important thing for a website to be successful online. From the general trend analysis, it can be concluded that the websites that appear at the top of the SERPs are clicked more often and therefore for a:

• Greater exposure

• Greater Internet traffic

• Higher earnings

SEO might seem a bit tricky for most people; and indeed it can get very technical if it gets too deep. The good thing about SEO is that you don’t need to know much and instead just focus on keeping your website on top by following these 7 secret SEO tips!

Secret SEO Tip #1: Keywords!

In this article and elsewhere on the web, you’ll learn the importance of having the right concentration of keywords in the right places on your website. The algorithm that Google seems to follow is to search for the right keywords in the right places. And therefore the placement of the same is of immense importance. For example, if you write in a niche, Google tries to crawl the page for more or less “the information” the surfer is trying to access.

SEO Secret Tip #2: Keyword Specific Pages

What turns out is that all the pep talk about having multiple keywords on the same page and in high concentration is wrong, and even more wrong if you thought you could make Google believe it was a good site , which is related to the search query! Google instead defined simple parameters for pages that should have a single keyword specific webpage (it can be a related keyword with the query, of course).

SEO Secret Tip #3: WordPress Preferred?

It can’t be said for sure, but it’s a common observation that Google seems to favor WordPress more! Perhaps because the WordPress template is designed to attract more Google exposure and that is why more WordPress links tend to rank in Google’s SERP.

Secret SEO Tip #4: The Secret Civilization of Meta Tags!

Meta tags are “invisible” tags that Google must use to “tag” the webpage in order of importance of the associated keyword. Coming back to the first secret, it is the order and concentration of keywords that help Google to meta tag the webpage and thus display it in its SERPs.

SEO Secret Tip #5: Secret to Building Backlinks

Pages without backlinks (even if they are very relevant) are banned from Google’s SERPs. It’s unfortunate even if you have a much more relevant page than others, but you must have backlinks to the main pages of the site.

SEO Secret Tip #6: In the Feet of Google God!

Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t ask anyone other than Google to rank your site? Know where you stand in the SEO race with Google’s PageRank application!

SEO Secret Tip #7: Dynamic Pages Are Not Search Friendly!

Contrary to what you may have previously believed, SEs like Google and Yahoo don’t like dynamic websites. All they want is a simple website with the related and relevant information about the search query as entered by the user!

Source by Dr Simon Wade

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