Make Money Online – 6 Easy Steps Even If You’re Broke!

how to start I am broke!

Are you serious, or are you being fooled by something you read about getting rich overnight? If the latter is the case, then this article is not for you. Okay, so if you’re broke, broken, disgusted, and really want to make some money online, here are 6 easy steps you can do without spending a single dime:

Learn basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

Visit Cre8siteforums and search for “Starting the SEO Process” and “Quick Start Guide to SEO”; Read all the information, because nuggets are hidden in it. Then check out the “SEOmoz Beginner’s Guide to SEO”. After reading these, you should have the basics down so you can implement some of these strategies right from the start.

keyword research

Wordtracker, one of the most popular keyword research tools, offers a free service that you can use to dig up some keywords. Google also has a free keyword tool, so visit it and you will most likely find different keywords between the two.

Join Clickbank

Clickbank is an online retailer specializing in digital products (e-books, games, software, etc.) that you can buy and download instantly after purchase. They also have a free affiliate program that you can join and promote their products to earn commissions.

Find a good product to promote

Clickbank Marketplace is an excellent place to find high demand products that you can promote for up to 75% commission. Search the Clickbank marketplace for quality products that don’t have a high refund rate. Check out the sales page and make sure you don’t mind putting your name on it as you’re just starting to make a name for yourself.

Start a blog

Now that you have some understanding of SEO, keyword research skills, and a product to promote, you need to spread the word. A blog is the quickest and easiest way to spread your message across the internet. Blogs are great for beginners because you only need some basic computer skills and you can set up and design your blog in under half an hour. So go to Google’s Blogger and set up your free blog. On the homepage you will find instructions and tutorials that will help you.

Start promoting

Start writing articles for publication, look into bum marketing, find a forum and post nothing but quality information and use your signature to promote your product if the forum allows. By following these 6 steps, you will gain a basic understanding of online marketing and help you learn the skills needed for long-term online money-making success.

Source by Sonja Davis

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