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One of the keys to proper internal search engine optimization and SEO marketing is placing your location in the text on your website. Many clients I have worked with lacked placement in their local or geographic area. The location (address, city and state) should be in your footer and on some pages themselves.

HTML Page Title – Local geographic targeting

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization of a website, unique page titles are a must, and incorporating your local information and geographic area will not only get you a higher ranking, but will give you more targeted visitors – meaning the customers you want and can serve. If you are a landscaping company in Akron, Ohio – do you need web traffic from Miami, Florida? You wouldn’t get that traffic anyway. The point is, if you just title your pages and write content with no location, it will be much harder to rank high on Google because you are basically competing with every company in your industry for your terms and it will be extremely lucky To get a strong listing on keywords alone.

Local results and listings on Google and directories

Google is smart, but help them by letting them know where you are on your site. A contact page is a good example. Most websites have a contact page, but many are not search engine optimized for local traffic. The main reason I see is that websites only have a form for leads and an email – maybe a phone number. These forms are fine, but for a great local SEO list, put your entire address in there. This is not only important for local or geographic search engine marketing for customers. What if a company wants to know where you are so they can coordinate with you or make a business proposal? You’ll also get listed in many more directories by having your address in text (not just in a picture) – which I see a lot too.

If you compete for keywords and want to beat your competitors on Google and other search engines, use your location words wisely. Street, City for Maps and Gazetteer Listings as well as Good and Smart Search Engine Optimization and SEO Marketing.

Writing local SEO strategies

Practice a few sentences and you’ll see what I mean. If you are a landscaping contractor in Lansing Michigan. Build Prestige Landscaping, Lansing, Michigan – a Lansing Lawn Maintenance Company. Reads for good search engine optimization? It is! There is less competition in search results for “Detroit Printing Company” compared to “Printing Company”. Use the same strategy when using pay per click programs and paying for keywords. Optimize and SEO for local search results and better geographic terms. You will see a difference!

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