Linux vs. Windows web hosting server

When working in web development, there are mostly two types of operating systems for a web server, Linux and Windows. When you hear Linux Server and Windows Server, you only hear the different operating systems that the server runs on. This can be a big deal if you have certain expectations. Usually you have one main question, which one is better? There really is no answer to that. He’s more into the developer and what he’s trying to achieve.

Common features of the operating system

There are some common features that both Windows and Linux offer. One is how you transfer your files. Both Windows and Linux support FTP access to edit, delete, or transfer files. Both operating systems can render some of the same file types. HTML (.html) and JavaScript (.js) are both commonly used on both platforms. You can also run CGI on Linux and Windows. CGI is an application similar to writing in Perl or C#. This can be useful for forms and dynamic content typically used with shopping carts. MYSQL database and PHP can run on both Linux and Windows, but these two web development languages ​​are more common on Linux.

Linux operating system server

Linux web hosting is probably the most widely used server operating system on the market. Most developers love Linux because it’s open source and perfectly supports PHP and MySQL. The best part about all these great features is that Linux, PHP and MySQL are FREE! They cost nothing and are all open source applications.

PHP and MySQL can be programmed together to make anything possible. PHP can run on different platforms like Windows, but most of the time it runs on Linux. They use the same tags and attributes as HTML, but you can include functions and scripts that run on the server side. Create dynamic pages that retrieve, insert, or modify data in a MySQL table. PHP can also support different tables like Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC.

Linux Top Advantage – FREE & Open Source!

Windows operating system server

Should you go with Windows? It really matters what programming language you are going to develop with and what your end goal of your project is. Most web developers program PHP and MySQL on a Linux server. Some have switched to the ASP programming language, which is only supported on a Windows server. ASP coding is a very general purpose programming language.

Windows web hosting is becoming more and more popular as web developers get involved with ASP. ASP is a server coding language that is only supported on a Windows server. ASP stands for Active Server Pages, a free component of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It can also be found in the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack.

The ASP programming language is very similar to an HTML file. This contains various tabs and attributes as HTML or XML. What distinguishes ASP from HTML is that the request is read by the server and executes the file’s ASP function or script. ASP can run programming languages ​​that are similar to computer programming languages. ASP can link to different database languages.

Windows Top Advantage – Easier to configure

Security Issues and Concerns

A quick thought on Linux and Windows servers is which is better for security. Security is one of your biggest concerns when you have a website, and even more so when you have an ecommerce store. The sad thing about this issue is that it is a dispute that will never be resolved. It depends on whether the hacker wants in or not. Both have security issues. The best way to prevent something from happening is to have a good web administrator or web hosting company. If you have one or both of these, you will have peace of mind.

Which web operating system is better?

Looking at some of the features, none is better than the other. There are just some pros and cons of both. Finding what your website needs is the decision maker. Windows or Linux can both be used to your advantage. Some web developers love using one or the other because they are used to it. Some web developers only use one or the other due to the programming language used. Remember that both have pros and cons, but a website is made by the web developer, not the operating system.

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