Is Your Website SEO Friendly Like Search Engine Optimized?

You have a blog, a website and now you know you need to get people to notice your website. So search and search and find that thought called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It’s a bit confusing, a bit overwhelming, and also so technical you just want to walk away.

Well, to take something away from Search Engine Optimization or as we say SEO work, let’s first discuss what SEO is and what is required, and then we can discuss some solutions to eliminate your fear of technology.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

The acronym “SEO” means in detail “Search Engine Optimization”, a term adopted by internet marketing consultants who carry out optimization projects on the side of their clients, through employees or through freelance consultants.

As a website promotion strategy, SEO takes into account how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing an online business largely involves editing content, HTML, and associated software. The goal is to increase the website/blogsite’s importance for identified keywords so that you can remove your website and ensure that the search engines index your website. This all means that your website will be included in the inventory for others to find.

What needs to be done?

Assuming your success is mandatory, here’s what you want to do to succeed:

  1. Decide how to set up your title, H1, H2, and H3 tags.
  2. Plan the density of your density versus the length of your content.
  3. Consider the placement of your keywords
  4. Analyze the images on your page and the hyperlinks for each image.
  5. Set up your font decorations
  6. Then you need to bold, italicize and underline your keywords.
  7. Learn how to add ALT tags to your images
  8. Test and rate each post and page according to SEO rules.
  9. Learn how to calculate your SEO score for a page on your website.
  10. Correlate your website with Google’s secret algorithm that nobody knows about but we all strive to learn more about.
  11. As you work on your site, you’ll need to recalculate your page rank whenever you change the content of your post.
  12. Continuously optimize your links to give your WordPress site a better page rank in the search engines.

If done correctly, it will drive many targeted visitors to your website. Now it’s a lot of work that needs to be done continuously to be safe. And yes, you must do it daily.

Source by Gregory Burrus

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