Internet Marketing – Proofreading Your Content

Internet marketers around the world know the importance of providing their readers and subscribers with fresh, unique, and last but not least, valuable content. You can do this by blogging and writing articles, hopefully regularly. Most major article directories offer spell checking on their submission pages, which prevents the worst spelling mistakes from appearing in your article. But if you go through items with a fine comb, you will still find some small errors.

But when it comes to adding content to your blog, there is no such feature and in many cases it shows. Therefore, it might be a good idea to write and edit your blog posts in a word processor with a built-in spell checker before publishing your post.

If you’re not sure, or English isn’t your first language, it can help if someone reads your article or post first. I’ve written many articles and other writing jobs in the past, and I’ve always made it a general rule to have someone else proofread my writing. When you’ve written 700 or more words, you’re bound to miss mistakes, and I’m not talking about simple misspellings.

You may have written something accomplished that seems perfectly clear to you, but someone else – mind you, your future reader – is stumped with your terms and phrases. A third party, even your wife or husband or your adult children, will do it perfectly because, with a certain detachment from the subject, they will spot any inconsistencies or obvious mistakes much more easily than you. They can even provide useful advice on how to sharpen the tip you want.

I agree about the lag issue here. Proofreading takes time. But it’s worth it considering the length of time your writing has been online and your name will appear in the author’s bio, thus working for you!

Source by Patricia Delto

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