Increase Your Ranking – Linking as a form of SEO

Yes, you now have a great website, beautifully designed and hosted with wonderful content, but nobody seems to notice the website except you and your friends. Trust me, these are the least likely people to catapult your site over others that are older and well established online. Increasing your ranking is what you need to consider now. This tries to increase your website’s visibility to the visitors and search engines.

Search engines use their spiders to hover around web space looking for your available links before determining your authority and assigning you a rank in their system. High-ranking websites appear first on search engine results pages after a search query. One of the ways to improve your ranking is by using link building and distribution.

Linking as SEO means getting as many links as possible pointing to your website or blog. With the advent of blogging overtaking website usage, various features on blogging systems make this possible. This includes using comments where you leave a bullet point linking to your blog or website. Try as much to comment on other related sites and get the free links. Use of trackbacks as in WordPress systems; That means you will have more free links pointing to your website. Trackbacks automatically add a link notifying about a comment on the site you mention on your content pages. All of this is free and easy to do. You can also choose to exchange links with other related sites, which is still a form of authority building. Link distribution is the cheapest form of SEO and a smart way to improve your rankings in the major search engines.

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