Importance of social media in search engine optimization

With the advent of social media, there is so much fuss about getting the most out of social media as far as internet marketing goes. It may have been a dream a few years ago that social media would be a powerful search engine optimization tool. With the recent increase in the number of people joining and spending time on these platforms, it has become inevitable to leave them out in the grand search engine optimization plan.

It is important that you understand the role that online media plays in the search engine optimization process so that you can take action and get the most benefit from social media optimization. Search engines are set to crawl websites that are regularly visited by large traffic and they also estimate the time a person spends on a website as it is very important to gauge how useful a website is to visitors. Websites with a high bounce rate are less likely to rank high in search engines. This is the reason why websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are ranked highly by search engines as they have tremendous traffic and visitors spend a lot of time on the website.

Since these are interactive platforms, they are easily ranked by search engines. It is therefore an important measure that you integrate your website with a social media account such as a Facebook fan page or Twitter. Not only does this strategy generate massive traffic to your website, but it also works perfectly as a search engine optimization technique. You should integrate the social media into your website using the freely available plugins that make it easier. If your site is a CMS site, you can easily integrate your social media via plugins like the Sexy Bookmark plugin for WordPress users.

As mentioned above, they play a very important role in search engine optimization. You should therefore create a strategic cloud of Web 2.0 sites that link to your website as they will be highly ranked by the search engines. Web 2.0 sites include Blogger,, HubPages, Squidoo, and Infobarrel, among others. These pages have a significant SEO role. Additionally, the website should be relevant for linking to the major internet media platforms to make the website look like an authority website in a specific niche.

If your website is a blog, using social media can be the best strategy to make your blog popular and consequently rank high in search engines. You can easily do this by publishing every post you write on the blog on the social media platform. This brings an enormous amount of traffic to your website. Social media also provides an important backlink to your website. If you are developing a Facebook fan page, you can provide a link to your website on the page. This link has great SEO importance.

These are some important measures that you should implement in your website so that it ranks well in a short time. The end result is the creation of an interactive platform for your website visitors.

Source by Dominic Payne

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