Importance of SEO tools in the world of viral marketing

The impact of the internet today cannot be overlooked. As everything about the web becomes SEO optimized, it becomes more and more important to rank better for the website for higher placement. Undoubtedly, SEO tools become one of the best options to rank your web based website at the top by using white hat techniques.

There are several affordable SEO tools that can be considered for better website performance in the world of viral marketing.

Tools for SEO analytics – There are several powerful and affordable SEO analytics tools that can either be purchased or used for free. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for the same purpose, and it’s free too.

Keyword Density Checker – Content marketing is the latest marketing trend and focusing on keywords is important for search engines to find your website. The Keyword Density Checker tool helps determine the density of keywords present throughout the content and makes it easier for the author to meet the required percentage for it.

Backlink Finder – This tool helps to find out the number of inbound links to a specific domain.

Website Rank Checking Tools – Obviously, the need for a good website rank checker is obvious in the world of internet. Alexa rank checker is one of the popular website rank checkers that is free and provides valuable insight into website performance.

Mega Tag Analyzer – This is helpful in extracting meta tags from the website and helps in determining the appropriate keywords for better rank of the website.

Domain IP address checker – It helps pinpoint the origin of unwanted emails and virus attacks. This is one of the best tools to find out the owner of the IP address, domain or website.

Google PageRank Checker – It is a free SEO tool to determine the rank of the website assigned by Google.

word count tool – Word count tool helps the author to determine the number of words in the content.

Competition Ranking Checker – This tool helps to find out the unique visitors and the returning visitors of the website. Tracking such visitors helps to learn more about the site’s performance over the Internet.

There are several SEO tools that can be used to improve the website’s rank against the search engines and provide assistance in finding the appropriate keyword for the website. Taking the help of these cheap tools is a surefire strategy to generate more traffic on your website.

Source by Nandagopal Tripathi

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