I have my free domain, what about you?

If you are trying to establish a presence on the Internet, you must first register a domain name. Choosing the right domain name is very important at this stage as your domain name is your unique identity on the internet that directs people to your website. When you register your domain, you can pay for it like many others, or you can register your domain for free.

When registering a free domain, you have two options. The first is to register your domain with a free hosting provider. This option wraps your domain name with web space so you can get started right away. You’ll often get between 25MB and 100MB of storage space, which isn’t bad to start with, but your domain name will look something like this – yourname.hostingcompany.com or hostingcompany.com/yourname. As you can see, that doesn’t exactly set you apart from the competition.

The second option is to register your domain name with a company that will offer you your chosen name with a sublevel extension. For example, instead of paying for yourname.com, you can register yourname.co.cc for free. It doesn’t look any different and your name is still the focus of the actual address. You can register any name as long as it is still available. If it’s a popular name or word there might be a small fee, but you can always get around this with hyphens or a simple rearrangement.

Your free domain also gives you control over your domain name servers. This means you can forward it to your hosting company where it will be easier for you to manage and upload files and images. If you don’t have a hosting company for your domain, there are many websites that offer you free hosting, some with ads and some without. You can also point your domain to another website so that when your customers enter your address, they are redirected to a different website or page.

Registering a free domain name is quick as it only takes a few minutes to set up. The controller board or domain settings screen is very convenient because you can make any necessary changes immediately. So you see, starting an online business doesn’t mean you have to spend money to establish your web identity. If you choose a free domain, you can get started just as quickly while keeping money in your pocket for other expenses. Register your free domain name today!

Source by Sheldon C. A. Smith

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