How to Write SEO-Friendly Content for Free Writer Press Releases

You are an author with a great book. What now? First and foremost, you should treat your book and your writing career as a business, an online business, which is where the most successful businesses are today because the Internet offers authors a free platform and free resources.

As an author, you should constantly look for ways to promote your book and find new ways to use technology to increase your public profile and income. What better way to promote your work, create a public profile and increase your income than by writing a series of internet press releases and articles to use as promotions? The internet has changed the writing game and shortened the distance between writers, if you can afford to hire a press agent (which I can’t) to create and write your media campaign, or are willing to develop the skills to post messages about your own projects (which you can).

This may sound daunting, but if you’re already a writer, creating your own written materials shouldn’t be that much of a challenge for you. Writing internet press releases and articles requires you to acquire some new skills that you may not have needed to write print press releases. There are many resources that can be found with a simple web search that can point you in the direction of writing internet press releases, which differ from printed press releases in that news for the internet must attract search engines to the materials that appear on your websites, blogs, social media networks and online news distribution services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, keywords and keyword phrases are constantly changing with the changes in popular trends. As search becomes more sophisticated and specialized, keyword search tools must respond, and we must also respond by anticipating changes in market language. When you send press releases to online distributors, take a look at their suggested titles for your topic. Most services have developed some sort of SEO tools to help you optimize your press releases and articles for their purposes. Be sure to research what they have to offer and use their practical suggestions to show you what the distributor thinks is successful for the topic you are covering.

Immediacy and information updates are the norm today due to the growing importance of blogs, social media, internet communities, collaborative platforms and web mobility. Technologies such as mobile phones and smartphones and online book readers increase our need to adapt SEO strategies to survive in the SEO game. Don’t forget, however, that you are ultimately writing for people, so the words you write must also make sense to people who are searching for information on the Internet. Understanding the relationship between human readers and search engines will help you create press releases that strategize to introduce you and your products to a target audience. Once you’ve caught the audience’s attention, direct them to your blog or website to learn more about you and your books and services. Once there, you need to convince your visitors to take action:

  • Set to talk to their group
  • Request your typing services for a hefty contract
  • Identify yourself as a consultant
  • Buy your book

The purpose of all press release promotion is to get the target audience to take action when they get to the destination you tricked them into exploring. be accurate Don’t assume visitors will know what you mean without instructions. Make sure you tell them exactly what to do and give them the means to perform the action. Give them a link to buy your book; Provide your statement of work; and leave an email contact address.

Your success in your desired field of action depends on the attractiveness of your website and the ease with which your visitors can move around your website and make a book purchase or inquire about your services. Approach web press releases the same way you approach traditional print press releases, except they come in the form of search engine awareness. In our quest to keep search engines happy, we cannot afford to forget important basic information.

  • Biographical Draft
  • contact information
  • List of your presentation topics
  • Some major book awards
  • Hyperlink to your blog, website or other pages
  • Hyperlink to a video of you in action
  • Hyperlink to coverage of your book
  • Hyperlink to excerpts from your television appearances

Hyperlinks can give the target audience additional detailed information about you, your book, and the services you offer without cluttering your press release. And if you have the option to add pictures, add a picture of your book cover to apply as a published author and a high-quality photo of yourself. Make sure the images are in JPEG format.

Having written press releases for both print and the web, I have learned that the difference between an author’s web press release and a print press release – both designed to create the publicity described above – lies in the need for Keywords in internet press releases can be suggested by free or paid SEO services. Make sure you do a web search to find the most useful SEO resources for your needs. Internet press releases are tools without which no writer can survive in the age of online marketing. For more information on this topic, see: Free Advertising or Your Book.

Source by Sunny Nash

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