How to increase your AdSense CPC by a multiple – some ideas

Although AdSense is the king of contextual advertising, many AdSense publishers are frustrated with the cost per click (CPC) they are receiving. It’s really heartbreaking when you see that the average AdSense CPC is $0.01. Really it is. Some even claim it’s Adcent rather than AdSense. Here I’m going to share some open secrets that might bring a smile to your face when you look at your AdSense CPC.

  • First, check if you have fallen into the trap of smart pricing. Get over it. A smart price account greatly reduces the average CPC.
  • Do you consider the Google Hitmap when positioning your banners or Link Blocks? Google Hitmap speaks researched results on the prominent places people are searching.
  • Are you constantly changing the color combination of the ad blocks to find the best one?
  • Are you backing the right keyword?

This is very important as far as increasing AdSense CPC is concerned. If you are targeting or writing on a keyword that advertisers are not bidding much on ie the CPC is already lower how do you expect to attract high paying ads. So you need to do proper keyword research before writing anything.

AdWords Free Keyword Tool is one of the best keyword tools to do your keyword research without a budget. You can also opt for top-notch keyword research tools if your wallet allows. Find keywords that aren’t too competitive but have a higher average AdSense CPC. Here you can find keywords in your niche to use AdSense properly.

  • Do you write for Internet savvy people? People tend to avoid Google ads. Those who already know AdSense are less likely to click on the ads. Try writing for a specific group of people who don’t know anything about AdSense and the whole online money-making MMO thing.
  • “Less is more” – You can test it. Use fewer ad banners. Instead of 3 banners, use 1 or 2 banners in a prominent position. AdWord (Google’s advertising network) offer higher bids for better placement of their ads. Mind you.
  • Try different templates for your website or blog to optimize ad placement. Placement of AdSense ads and different color combinations are the ways to optimize them.
  • Use Google’s area targeting to get relevant ads, but with caution. Because if you abuse it, all ads will turn out to be Public Service Ads (PSA).
  • Include Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords along with the primary keywords to help the AdSense bot understand your page’s topic and serve relevant ads. This is very important for the CTR. And good CTR means good money.

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Source by Chandan Das

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