How to get more views on YouTube

A question I’ve seen over and over again on places like Yahoo Answers is “How do I get more traffic on YouTube?” As you probably know, YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the web and the second largest when it comes to searched content goes. (Right behind Google, which owns YouTube) So if you’re new to YouTube on how you notice your videos, here’s a list of 6 things you can do to get more views.

1. Be active

To get views, you must give views. Find other channels related to your video and search for others who may be interested in what you offer. Subscribe, send a friend request, post a video reply and leave comments. The more you show yourself, the more people will notice you.

2. Make your videos embeddable

If the embed feature is enabled, it means your video can be shared on other websites, blogs or forums. All views from these websites count towards your total number of views. They also help make your content accessible to people who wouldn’t typically have searched for it on YouTube or even visited this site.

3. Use your tags and description

Make sure your description is detailed and uses keywords related to your video. This helps by giving search engines something to crawl and index, causing your video to appear in search results.

Tags are basically another word for keyword and work the same way. They help your video show up in search results. They also help your videos on YouTube when people search for your content.

4. Social Networks

Another way to get your videos a lot of traffic is to post their links on social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Places like Digg, Stumbleupon, and Reddit are constantly crawled and can index your video very quickly. For social networks, Google+, Facebook and Twitter are excellent starting points.

5. Publish on a schedule

When creating new videos, it’s important to post your videos regularly. That way, your subscribers will know when to expect new content and keep them engaged.

6. Don’t mess up

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to watch a video that turns out to be 3 or more minutes of junk. Regardless of the topic, make the best video you can. Audio and video must be clear and easy to understand. When creating a vlog (video blog), rehearse and practice before you start filming. And don’t be afraid to ask other more established people on YouTube for their opinions or tips on how to improve your videos.

Source by Gerald Thomson

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