How to check if a website is indexed by Google

There are many ways to check if your website is indexed by Google, but understand that Google does not index a website, it indexes each of your pages individually.

For example, you have a 20-page website, but only 7 pages are indexed.

There are many places online where you can check if a page on your website is indexed, but if you have a large website it can be very time consuming.

The best and easiest way is to go to the source.

Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools.

It’s free to sign up for Webmaster Tools, but you must be your site administrator.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to verify that you’re authorized for your site.

This is a simple and quick process, and there are many ways to verify this. If you can’t confirm this by adding an .html page, you can add code to the -Paste section or even log in to your domain host for verification.

After the verification is complete, the Google bot “scans” your website and sees which pages (if any) are indexed.

You can also see where you are in search engine results and what keywords Google “sees” on each of your pages.

If your site doesn’t show that it’s indexed, it could be that your site is so new that Google didn’t know about it and this is the first time they scanned it.

If your website has been around for a while and you’re not doing well on search engine results pages, take a look at the information Google has returned about your website to see how you can optimize it.

keyword information

Are the keywords Google “sees” for your site the ones you wanted to target? If not, look at each page and see if you can rewrite the pages as they may not be spelled correctly.

search traffic

Look under Search Queries to see what types of searches people are doing and where your site ranks in search engine results pages. Your website’s average position should be 20 and below. That would take you to the first two pages. Many people only look at the first few pages when looking for information.


Check out the Sitemap category. It shows you how many pages have been submitted and how many are actually indexed. If you don’t have a sitemap, there are many places online where you can create one for free.

There is much more information that you can view in your Webmaster Tools area. Use all this free information to your advantage.

Source by Julia Ponikvar

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