Hosting tips for beginners

You have finished building your website and are now looking for a cheap web host? Then you need to consider the bandwidth and disk space limitations associated with the account you want to set up (check with the cheap web host) then most hosting plans will work fine for you, but if you have a lot of content on your have website, such as For example, if you have a lot of graphics, you need a plan that has more memory allocated.

Bandwidth is determined by the amount of traffic your website receives, but initially you don’t know that amount, so you need a plan that provides bandwidth upgrades for a modest cost. When choosing your host, you need a host that doesn’t have a lot of downtime, e.g. B. 99.6% is a reasonable uptime, or that’s 0.4% downtime. They all have downtime for one thing or another, upgrades etc and the odd one or two failures, so around the 99.6% mark would be a reasonable uptime to consider.

Then there is the control panel to consider and I recommend a host with C-Panel. This is one of the easiest panels to navigate and has many tutorials to help you. In addition, most web hosts offer a support ticket system that you can use to ask questions or ask for help if you need it. It is therefore best to ask the new host about their support before you sign up.

It is also recommended that your host have full site backups, located on a separate hard drive, as hard drives seem to be the item most likely to fail. So for your peace of mind and of course your site data, you could consider this as something beneficial to consider as an investment because you never know when your system will crash.

If your new host has, say, a 30-day money-back guarantee or some sort of guarantee, then that gives you the opportunity to use the service and see if everything works without any losses on your part. Even if you are just starting out on the internet or starting with a new website, you may need a host that offers some tutorials on the basics such as: B. to upload your website via FTP and get your website listed on the search engines, etc

In summary, you can see that with a few basic checks, you can find the host that will be beneficial for your new website and you too.

Source by Graeme Whittaker

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