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When you have decided to outsource search engine optimization, choosing the right SEO services is crucial. There are many SEO companies and freelance search engine optimization specialists out there and it can be really hard to tell if they have enough expertise and dedication to get your website to the top of the search engine listings.

First and foremost, you should look for ethical search engine optimization specialists who don’t use methods that could result in your website being penalized by the search engines. For those not entirely familiar with SEO techniques, search engine optimization might seem like some kind of magic. As a result, they easily fall for false promises. Remember that when it comes to natural search engine optimization, there can be virtually no guarantees while too many factors are out of control. A reputable lawyer will never give you a 100% guarantee that you will win the case. A soccer player cannot say for sure if his team will win. And a professional SEO specialist will never promise you to make your website number 1 on Google, because even Google cannot give such a guarantee. Search engine algorithms may change, the level of competition may become higher than expected, and so on.

Since search engine optimization operates in cyberspace, there have been instances when SEO specialists took the money and disappeared. To reduce the chances of such a scam, always make sure that an SEO expert or company has published a physical address on their website. Most search engine optimization specialists will ask you for part of the payment upfront, but there’s no reason to give the entire amount to a stranger.

Another typical scam is the use of so-called “Black Hat SEO” to skyrocket your website rankings in a matter of weeks. Impressed by the quick results, you give away the money only to find out a few months later that your site has been banned from search engine listings.

Some unethical search engine optimization specialists can also optimize your site for poorly chosen keywords. It’s easy to get to the top of search engine listings for keywords that nobody ever searches for and therefore nobody wants to compete with. However, do not insist on aiming for extremely competitive terms either, as this is close to impossible and the time and money invested may never pay off.

Another trick is to buy pay-per-click (PPC) ads instead of doing organic search engine optimization that targets unpaid search results. PPC links appear in sponsored search engine listings and are only used by 40% of online searchers. Although they generate targeted traffic, the effect wears off once your PPC account expires.

To ensure you are hiring ethical search engine optimization specialists, check their credentials; Talk to previous clients and see how their websites rank in the major search engines; Ask how your SEO experts will optimize your site (how will they choose keywords, create links, report back to you, and so on). Make sure your answer is clear and in language you can understand, not technical jargon. If they’re trying to avoid some answers, consider another SEO company.

Source by Ivan Artimovich

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