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Google, the world’s leading search engine company, has announced the development of a new operating system called Google Chrome.

The company announced plans to develop the new system on July 7. Google has now officially made clear its intentions to compete directly with Microsoft in the operating system market.

Chrome is listed as a Linux derivative and is free to use. It will launch with netbooks first, with a release schedule for mid-2010.

Manufacturers working with Google include:








Texas Instruments


The graphic design is based on the Google Chrome browser launched 9 months ago and is developed as a lightweight operating system with the Internet as the main priority.

Chrome is aimed at consumers who place a high value on using the Internet.


Google has claimed that Chrome’s built-in security will shift away from reliance on security updates and that Chrome users won’t have to deal with virus and malware infections. They claim it just works!

However, their bold claims remain to be seen. It is foreseeable that for the time being no computer system can be completely immune to security problems.

Some people have also questioned their privacy and Google’s protection of personal data. However, we should keep in mind that similar concerns have been raised about other companies operating in this space.

A brief history of Google

The Google search engine was started in 1996 as a research project by Larry Page, most recently joined by Sergey Brin. Together they developed an algorithm that can be used to rank websites according to relevance in Internet searches.

In 2000 the advertising product AdWords was introduced. AdWords allowed businesses to buy keywords for small ads that could be placed next to search results.

2004 saw the birth of Google Earth, the result of an acquisition by Keyhole, Inc., which pioneered the original software.

In 2006, Google bought online video repository YouTube.

Since its small beginnings, Google has offered more and more services like iGoogle, GMail, Google News, Talk!, Picasa, AdSense and many more products.


Q. What is the Google Chrome browser?

A. The Chrome browser is Google’s answer to competing web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Q. What is Linux?

A. Linux was developed as a free alternative to the once widely used commercial UNIX operating system and now also competes with Microsoft. In 1991, Linus Torvalds began work on the Linux kernel (the “brain” of a computer’s control software).

Q. What are netbooks?

A. A netbook is an inexpensive laptop computer designed primarily for wireless communication and access to the Internet.


Expect more news about Chrome OS development later this year. We eagerly await what Google’s offering will bring.

Source by Richard P Harrison

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