Get rid of international calling charges in conference calls

Conference calls have become commonplace (especially in the business and corporate world) as it makes it very easy, convenient and even cheap to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. In addition, any number of people can participate in a conference call, enabling joint interactions and joint decisions.

And with the advent of free international calling services, both the popularity and utility of free calling services continue to grow. Unbelievable but true, free conference phone services have no bridging fees and both the moderator and the various participants only have to pay for their own call and no more!

But that brings us to the question: what about international call services? Do callers have to pay exorbitant international calling rates every time they make a live conference call abroad? With more and more companies conducting business across countries and even continents, and conference calls often lasting for hours, doesn’t that add up to huge international phone bills at the end of the month?

Well, it’s time to announce the local access numbers set up by many free conference calling services for different countries around the world. For example, if you are in the UK and need to host a meeting over a conference call with team members spread across the US, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and South Africa, each participant can use the international local dial-in number and avoid expensive international calling charges to join must carry on the free telephony system when more than two or more races are connected.

While most free calling service providers host an extensive network of international local access numbers, some even go so far as to provide an international toll-free number for access to an international conference.

In fact, it no longer matters to the other subscribers where you are making the free international call from! All you have to do is share either the international toll-free number or the specific local access numbers for each country with your team members and they can use them immediately to enjoy the same low local calling rates as you, saving hundreds of dollars become time.

Note, however, that these international local access numbers, or even the toll-free numbers, may come with certain limitations – for example, they may not be reachable from a cell phone or payphone in certain cases. Some may even be restricted to certain telecommunications networks or not accessible in certain areas of a certain country, depending on the conference call service provider’s agreements.

However, freeing everyone from international calling charges not only connects people from all over the world, but also in a way that is cheap and affordable for everyone involved!

Source by Ben Karim

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