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With the way the internet is growing these days, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of people who want to own their own website. There are even more people who would like to have their own domain name. Having one of your own can get a little tricky. There is of course the option of owning a subdomain, but that won’t help most people because even though they have a domain name using this method, it will never rank at the top of Google’s hit list, no matter how many great keywords they use use. For those who don’t care, that’s great because subdomains are generally free as long as you use the free ones, and they’re offered by a lot of different websites. So the question on everyone’s mind these days, is it possible to get absolutely free domain names?

It is possible to get a free name that you actually own, but even free comes with a certain price. One of the biggest problems is that you fill out a lot of different offers in general. Yes we’ve all been through this, the scenario where they offer you something for free and you get excited thinking you’re going to have the latest video game console or in this case absolutely free domain names and then they make you answer a lot of questions. You agree to the questions until you get to the question, which requires a paid subscription to a ridiculous magazine to proceed. There you draw the line and click on the X.

If you manage to get your own, and somehow manage to get it without giving up money, you’ll probably find yourself having to pay for hosting. Without them your website will never go live because even though you’ve built your website with all its cute little flash buttons and such, it will never be live on the internet until you shell out the money for hosting. Usually you will find that the company offering the paid hosting is the same company that you got that free domain from. They will get their money no matter what. If you manage to get free hosting along with absolutely free domain names, you will probably find that your site is littered with advertisements over which you have no control. You may be fine with this for now, but later you will realize that this is not the website you had in mind when you were looking for absolutely free domain names.

Another problem you encounter is that if you haven’t bought the rights to .com, .org, .net and every other extension under the sun, people can copy your name with another extension. Suppose you have and someone created This means that others may accidentally navigate to that site instead of yours, costing you both traffic and ratings.

All in all, it is better to buy your domain name if you are serious about having your own website. It’s better for you and definitely better for everyone who visits your site on a daily basis.

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