Find the best web hosting ecommerce solution for your business

Are you trying to get web hosting with eCommerce facilities? When trying to find an ecommerce solution, finding a solution can often be difficult. We have the option to buy a package and hope it works with our web hosting companies’ packages or put together a hosting ecommerce solution.

There are advantages to both systems, but they also have their pitfalls. You can also get a web hosting ecommerce solution from a web designer. In this article we will look at each option and see which one will benefit your needs the most.

Ecommerce by a web designer:

If you need a bespoke system, an ecommerce solution from a web designer can be the best way to get the kind of website ecommerce solution you need for your business. Although the costs can be high, you can be sure that the system in place is what you want and that it is unique.

Website ecommerce packages from web designers can also benefit you in that you can always go back and add extra features when you need them. Choosing a web hosting ecommerce solution from a web designer can be a good idea if you are serious about getting your business online. Also, getting a web designer package becomes more and more important if you plan to get over 60% of your sales online.

Software and script solutions:

There are many options here and it is not easy to list them all. There are many packages on the market that allow you to easily set up web hosting ecommerce on top of your existing small business web hosting package. These packages are designed for simplicity. They are designed for the layman to easily create an online presence.

Actinic is one of the most famous ecommerce software packages for websites. Designed for ease of use, it allows anyone to create an online presence at a much lower price than a web designer’s custom solution. The big advantage of this is also that the support level exceeds the support level of many web designers. If there’s a problem, you know it’ll be fixed as soon as possible

Web Ecommerce Solutions:

A good way to get an online solution is to get one from your hosting company. This makes it a lot easier and quite possibly a lot cheaper to get an online presence for your products. You know the solution works with the web hosting company. The only thing to consider here is that many of the web hosting ecommerce solutions offered by a web hosting company for small business may not be what you expected. They can sometimes be of poor quality. If you look around you might find what you need.

One last point I want to address is open source. I personally used an open source software (or rather a script). It runs on almost all small business hosting plans. OsCommerce is a leading open source eCommerce solution. If you’re wondering what open source is, it’s a different model for creating software. It works with allowing people to add input there. In the end everyone contributes to make the software as good as possible and you can use it for free. The downside of this is that you have to save a lot of work to make the package unique for your needs and add the extra function scripts to make the website hosting ecommerce solution the way you need it.

If you look around you can find a hosting company that offers something called Fantastico that allows you to install OsCommerce in a very easy way. In fact, a 5 year old could very likely install OsCommerce with Fantastico. It’s as simple as entering your desired username, password and website name.

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