Essence of the anchor text

It’s important to use anchor text to improve search engine rankings. Anchor text is directly correlated with incoming links. When you leave comments on blogs or submit articles with a link, use anchor text, not just the URL. It is difficult to get competitive keywords as you are competing with numerous websites while the less popular keywords also known as long tail keywords are easy to rank if you follow the best tips below.

1. Anchor text must be referenced in the title tag, meta description, and meta keyword tags.

2. Have your domain name named after, or at least contain, your target keyword.

3. The first sentence of the website should quote the keyword.

Optimize your entire website if you want to get high rankings. Different meta tags and titles must be used for each webpage as some search engines flag this situation as an error.

For example, you want to optimize a web page with the keyword “E-Commerce SEO”. Here are the ways you need to follow.

1. Paste the keyword into the website’s meta tags (meta keyword and meta description).

2. The first sentence of the article must contain “Ecommerce SEO”.

3. Your URL should look like this: http// and not like this: http// If your main keyword is ecommerce SEO, you can use it as a domain name, e.g. e.g.

4. The website with the highest Google PageRank must have links to the page you are optimizing using “ecommerce SEO” as an anchor term.

5. Build quality inbound links to websites related to your niche with “ecommerce SEO” as the anchor text.

Follow the simple tips above to easily rank high in the search engines with the target keywords or anchor text.

Source by Kiefer Johns

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