Disadvantages of free domain names

There are certain advantages to using free domain names. However, you will rarely find serious business driving a free domain name. According to Seoprofiler.com; Domain name, domain age, and hosting provider can all affect search engine rankings. So booking a good domain name for 10 years shows the search engines that you are serious about your business. Most domains are registered and parked in just 6 months. It also happens with many free domain names. It’s easy to start your blog/website with a free domain name and hosting service, but you can’t get high rankings with a free service.

You will never get full control over your content, site layout and monetization options. Suppose you have set up a blog on Blogger. You’ve published your content, you’re getting good traffic, and hopefully the blog is generating good ad revenue. But if the blogger simply shuts down your Google account, you will no longer have your email address, blog content, audience and money. You cannot contact anyone. I understand that it is a hopeless situation. It rarely happens, but when it does, you have no choice but to remain silent.

A paid hosting service and domain registration may cost a few bucks, but it’s worth your money if you’re starting a business. If you just want to share your thoughts with the world, then a free domain is a great choice.

Most internet marketers and business people will assist you in purchasing your own domain name. Because it’s rare that a Blogspot website does a great deal. Free domain names aren’t just limited to Blogspot. I forgot to mention the other names like webs.com, WordPress and many others. These types of domains are easy to get and at the same time easy to lose. You can waste all your SEO efforts, articles written and research. So is it better to buy your own domain name?

The answer is yes. Because of spamming, Google doesn’t give much credit to free domain names. Most companies use domains like this to get a few backlinks and you will hardly find any good content on such sites. I’m not trying to minimize the value of starting a free blog/website, but if you want to start a serious business then Registration of a free domain name is not a good choice.

Source by Ejaz A Ahmed

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