Are you avoiding keyword research?

You may have avoided keyword research because you find it confusing.

Or you just ignore the keyword research.

are you confused about this

Maybe you don’t realize how important it is to get more traffic to your blog posts.

The more you avoid it, the more you delay publishing your blog; and finally your business started.

And what are you doing then?

Well, you either go without keyword research — which really isn’t a good strategy.

Or buckle up and learn how to do keyword research.

Why Keyword Research?

Keywords make your posts easier to write; They also tell your reader exactly what your post is about. and they help search engines find and index your post.

Ninety percent of bloggers struggle to get traffic to their websites. Why? They rush past the keyword research that is essential to building an online blogging business.

Research is the foundation, plan and blueprint of all business.

Creating a blog for your business is a great idea. However, to make your blog profitable, take the time to understand how keywords will help you plan your blog.

Just as a seamstress does not cut the fabric and start sewing before laying out the pattern; or a carpenter does not build a house without studying the plan.

You cannot create a profitable online business blog without keyword research.

Your research will help you properly identify your niche market and potential customers.

Start your keyword research with Google’s free keyword planner.

You can enter more than one seed keyword or keyword phrase when using Keyword Planner. So try a variety of two- or three-word phrases. Aim for one main keyword per post and a few variations of that keyword to spread throughout your article.

When doing your keyword research, remember that while it may be tempting to choose the phrase that gets over 50,000 hits per month, these have stiff competition and are more difficult to rank for.

Look for short phrases that are less searched and have less competition. Stick to around 100 searches per day or 3000 per month. You shouldn’t go too deep because then it might not be worth it.

You want to find out if your competition is strong or weak. You don’t want millions of competing websites; On the other hand, you need some competition. Without competition, your product is not in demand.

How do you use keywords in your post?

Once you’ve chosen your primary keyword, it’s important to have it in your title. Also, make it a habit to use your keyword in your first sentence, your last sentence, and once in each paragraph if possible. This may not always be possible, and that’s okay. You want your keyword placement to be natural.

Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool that Google makes available to anyone who has a Google account. It used to be called Google Keyword Tool.

Before you write your next post, be sure to use the Keyword Planner to do your keyword research and find targeted keywords to include in your post.

Source by Corinne Floyd

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