Affiliate ideas

Blogging Tips

1. The best blogging platform in terms of SEO is WordPress. However, WordPress doesn’t allow commercial content – you can still use WordPress’ software, but you must host the blog yourself.

2. If you are not willing to pay for web hosting, Blogger is a good alternative.

3. For the best WordPress themes, google the best WordPress themes.

4. Look for the following WordPress plugins to improve your blog optimization: all in one SEO Pack, Ultimate Tag Warrior, Related Entries, SEO Title Tags, Google Sitemap Generator, Sitemap Generator Plugin, Antisocial, wpbacklinks, add meta tags and WordPress SEOmaster.

Targeting appropriate keywords and keyword research tools

5. Understand the keyword buying cycle: i.e. search keywords e.g. Digital camera, compare keywords eg. best samsung digital cameras, buy keywords eg. Buy digital camera Samsung 240D.

6. Compare target and buy keywords. Target marks, brands and model numbers.

7. Keyword spying tools show you what keywords other advertisers are using and how long they run their ads. The idea is that if an ad runs long, the affiliate will surely make money.

8. Research the following keyword spying tools Affiliate Elite, Spyfu and Hexatrack.

Optimize your websites for search engine rankings

9. Onpage optimization is far less important than offpage optimization. However, make sure to include your keyword in the title tag, description tag, and keyword tag and distribute the keyword throughout your webpage.

10. For search engine optimization purposes, research how competitive a website (and not a website) is by seeing how many backlinks go to that exact website at The more backlinks, the more difficult it becomes to rank in the top 10 for that keyword.

11. Educate yourself about no-follow and do-follow and make sure outbound links on your webpages are no-follow where appropriate.

12. Get backlinks from a high rank by following Web 2.0 sites.

13. Make sure the anchor text in your backlinks includes your targeted keywords.

14. For the ultimate way to research how to outperform your competitors, consider SEO Elite.

Promote your websites

15. Promote your websites by submitting articles to the top article marketing directories. Search Google for the best article directories.

16. Promote your websites by submitting press releases to PR Web.

17. Promote your website by submitting it to directories. The main ones are the Yahoo Directory and DMOZ.

18. Promote your website by posting comments on blogs. Install the SEO toolbar for Firefox to see if blog comments overtake page rank.

19. There are hundreds of other ways to promote your websites. Focus on surpassing yourself at one.

increase conversion rates

20. You know what to focus on when tracking where your affiliate sales are coming from.

21. Camouflage your affiliate links. Research closing links on Google.

22. Understand the difference between sale and presale. Preselling increases conversion rates by 5x to 10x.

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