7 advantages of using WordPress for website development

WordPress is a content management system or can be considered a web development platform that was launched back in 2003 and is still loved by web developers. However, in the later years, this CMS has developed several new versions, advanced features, themes, plugins and extensions for the developers. And you might be surprised to learn that more than 34 percent of active websites today are powered by WordPress. And this high popularity and use of the platform has increased the demand again WordPress developers and WordPress development company today.

Over time, the demand and usage of this CMS has increased even more than some of the popular content management systems like SharePoint and Drupal. With a wide range of plugins, tools, extensions, themes, and customizable features, WordPress has arguably proven to be the best web development and publishing platform today.

And here are the WordPress development benefits you need to know.

WordPress is easy to use:

WordPress is pretty easy to use compared to the other CMS platforms. The platform has a very intuitive user interface. And adding new blog posts, web pages, images, etc. is much easier and can be done quickly on this platform. And because of the ease of use, the WordPress development time is also less than other CMS like Drupal and Joomla. Also, with WordPress, developers have to deal with less coding and can use the pre-built templates that come with this content management system.

Comes with attractive themes and web design options:

WordPress offers more than a thousand different themes and design options, most of which are free to use. These available themes and design options can also be customized or personalized as per project requirements.

Availability of a wide range of plugins and extensions:

WordPress comes with over 22,000 plugins and extensions to help optimize websites, speed up websites and increase website performance. There is also a library of plugins in WordPress that can be installed or activated and used for various purposes and functions. Some of the plugins available are Yoast SEO, PixelYourSite, SEO Ultimate, an all-in-one SEO package, and more.

Helps with easy content management:

Managing website content is easy with this CMS. You can simplify your web content management tasks, e.g. B. assigning editors, admins and authors, editing Word documents, editing all website content and much more with WordPress.

An open source CMS:

WordPress is inherently open-source and a low-cost content management system. This also means that you can download, install and use WordPress for free and you might only have to pay a little to use the paid plugins, extensions and themes.

Helps to create responsive websites:

WordPress helps create responsive websites. This means you can create websites that fit any device and screen such as desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device. This responsive feature of the CMS ensures a consistent user experience across devices.

Speed ​​and Efficiency:

WordPress with all its features, plugins, extensions and themes helps build powerful and fast websites. In addition, the availability of these functions and elements ensures faster and more efficient website development with the CMS.

The list of advantages does not end here. Apart from that, WordPress also supports multiple hosting options and has great community support, which also gives a reason to choose WordPress over the other CMS platforms available.

Source by Rob Stephen

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