6 Must SEO tools be used for website analysis?

Online marketing is the fastest way of advertising to inform, promote or market a product and service. And if you have your own website with products or services, you need to increase popularity among people to promote your goods. If you have less time for this, you need to use some web marketing tools for a faster process.

Advertising on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and social networks will definitely increase product visibility in a short time. However, you need to use some search engine optimization (SEO) tools to analyze and speed up the process.

1. Google Analytics tool:

This powerful analysis tool is available for free from Google. You can generate detailed reports on blog or website traffic, keywords, visitors, landing pages, bounce rate, time spent on the website and much more. Google Analytics is the most used SEO analysis tool with a wide variety of features and options.

2. Google AdWords tool:

Another demotic and powerful keyword analysis tool from Google. This SEO tool finds the top searched keywords in Google search engine results. Keywords can be filtered out in three possible ways – broad, exact and phrase matches. You can also retrieve keywords related to a specific website. Enter a specific keyword of your choice and get global and local monthly keyword searches.

3. SEOQuake:

SEOQuake is an add-on or extension for Internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This is the most popular browser extension for website analytics. With this tool you can know the no. of inbound and outbound links, indexed pages, nofollow attributes, page rank and much more of a given webpage.

4. Backlink Monitoring:

This is a free and advanced backlink checker that generates details like number of backlinks, Google PageRank and nofollow attribute. BacklinkWatch takes data from Yahoo! Webindex and analyzes the website.

5. SEMRush:

This is another online analysis tool that provides competitor’s keywords and links in the organic and paid Google search results. This is developed by SEO Quake Company. There are two ways to analyze the competitors – Free and Pro. Free users only get some basic keywords and URLs of your website. But SEMRush Pro user gives you the detailed report of about 300 queries per day and 10,000 results per day. You can even download the report in Excel and CSV files.

6. iBusiness Promoter (IBP):

IBP is the best and best SEO software available today with a suite of analysis tools for website promotion and optimization, search engine tactics and tracking the results of your internet marketing and SEO activities.

You can also submit links to all major search engines, directories, social media and networking sites.

Source by Samrat Kumar

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