4 easy ways to promote your business online

There are many ways to promote your business on the internet without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. You may not have a lot of money when you start your business, but with a little creativity, you can still effectively promote your products and services online. Before the advent of the Internet, small businesses had few ways to inexpensively market their products using methods such as printing and distributing flyers or sponsoring local events. A vast world of possibilities is now open to you on the World Wide Web – you just need to know where to look.

Below, let’s discuss some ways you can promote your business online without having to spend a lot of money.

1. Register with Google, Bing and Yahoo – The first step you shouldn’t skip is registering your business on “Google Places”. This will show your business on Google Maps and make it easy to find on Google searches. The process is very simple – all you have to do is fill out a simple form and then verify yourself either by phone or email. Also register your business on Yahoo Local and Bing as these 3 are the leading search engines and have huge databases of businesses from all over the world.

2. Press Releases – Whenever your company reports something that is newsworthy, do not hesitate to make it public through a press release. Press releases can be very effective in generating publicity for your business. There are many news websites that allow companies to submit press releases for free. Try sites like PRLog or 24/7 Press Release. If you want additional exposure, you can opt for paid press release distribution.

3. Participate in online communities – You can find online communities in almost every possible niche where people gather to discuss issues and other things related to that niche. Register an account with some of these online community sites. Participation is usually free. By actively participating in these community sites, you can gain tremendous exposure. You can passively promote your business via a link in the signature or by mentioning your website when the context is appropriate.

4. Photo Sharing and Video Sites – Sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr aren’t just for photographers or teenagers. Any business can use these websites to generate traffic and get exposure for free. You can post images or videos of your office, employees, events, products, or other newsworthy content related to your business.

Source by Kent Swigg

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