20 point web hosting checklist

As we begin our journey into the eCommerce world, it’s easy to fall into traps by simply overlooking the most important checklists in our web hosting decision making. It’s easy to just consider the provided disk space when choosing the hosting company and other less important features that we don’t need in the beginning. All the plans look impressive, but do we really need these features on offer? It is best to consider the following factors when deciding on your web hosting packages:

1. Established host

You don’t want to get involved with someone who hasn’t been in business long enough to host your ecommerce or simple personal website. What’s even more important if you’re running a full fledged ecommerce with lots of data to secure your operation. When choosing your host, time is of the essence. The longer a host exists, the more likely the better it would be. You don’t want to go down with the host, which also goes down. Sorting things out gets really messy.


This is an important checklist to consider. Reliability is one of the most important checklists since you don’t want to hire a fly-by-night hosting company. Check the response time to your email request. It is important to enjoy both after-sales and technical service. Some big names with significant customer bases and long operating lives may become complacent and unable to provide reliable services, while small new businesses will do their best to impress. You must make your own judgement.

3rd room

You need to decide on your storage needs. However, better planning for future expansion is also important so that you don’t have to go back to the hosting company and pay unreasonable costs. There is a saying, once addicted, addicted forever, even if you don’t like it.

4. Customer Service and Technical Support

You never know what you might need after the sale or even after the web is up and running. You want to feel reassured that customer service and technical support are there for you when you need them. The time it takes for an email query to be answered is a simple indication of the level of service that the hosting companies offer.

5. Uptime

Most hosting companies offer 99% uptime. You should choose the one that offers no less than 99% uptime.

6. Recovery Time

Determine how quickly the hosting company recovers from downtime. Do they have backup procedures? What type of UPS are they using? Where are you? Are they near disaster prone areas? Those are the questions you need to answer.


Don’t overlook bandwidth limitations. Excess bandwidth usage accompanied by excess bill. Do not exceed the allocated bandwidth; Plan what you want to put on your website. Higher pixel images definitely use higher bandwidth.

8.CGI Bin

CGI is used to install scripts and programs; CGI comes standard with all hosting plans.

9. Pearl

You must have Perl to run Perl programs. Paid or free scripts are mostly written in Perl. Make sure you get the latest version or upgrade from time to time.


These are the most important criteria to consider, especially if you are planning an e-commerce. Make sure SSL is included in your hosting plans. You can use a third-party credit card processor, but the provider may not operate in some countries. It is also limited to electronic products only, not physical products.

11. ISS

Server Side Includes are used to minimize the time it takes to update your website. You can edit the page or section of links you want to change without changing all pages.

12. MySQL

Some scripts and programs require a MySQL database to run. Make sure the fees are not exorbitant and they usually come with the hosting packages.


Many new scripts and programs require PHP support, and this feature is almost standard for all hosting plans.


You should be able to point your own domain name to the site. Another function is to ensure that you can control your domain as you may not stay with the same hosting companies but your domain will remain yours.


In any case, you will need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to transfer files or make and upload changes to your web pages. You must get unlimited and unrestricted FTP access to your site.

16. Control Panel

The main feature of the hosting is the availability of the control panel. The usage level ranges from friendly to difficult. Choose the one that suits your technical ability and budget.

17. Statistics

To make adjustments to your marketing programs, you need a good statistics program. An excellent statistics program allows you to monitor visitors, collect emails, etc. to optimize your marketing programs. Get an advanced statistics program from a third party if the hosting cannot provide one, assuming the program can be installed.

18. Site Development Software

If you are not a webmaster or a programmer, your best option is to consider a package of software that is offered to build your website. Some hosting companies provide this for free while others charge a fee.

19. Slow down and take your time

While some hosting packages may look great, if they don’t offer a feature that meets your needs, the package may not meet your needs. Take the time to compare all the features on offer. What is good for someone may not be acceptable for you. What is important is what are your criteria and can the hosting company meet your needs?

20. Last big step

The table below lists some of the criteria usually offered by web hosting companies. Don’t be alarmed by the long list. As mentioned, some features may not be required at launch and it’s good to know that these features are offered. They’re always ready when the time comes for expansion. In the end, what counts is the hosting that suits your budget and your ideas.

Pricing & Setup (Choose your billing cycle)

Setup fee N/A

Option 1: Pay $34.95 monthly (e.g.)

Unconditional money back guarantee 30 days

Set-up time 30 seconds

Quota Allocation

Disk Usage Summary 5000 MB

Summary traffic 150 GB

Standard storage quota (freely adaptable to your requirements) 5000 MB

Domain Resources

Multiple domains host 10 domains

subdomain 100 subdomain

Third level domain 100 Third level domain

Makeshift domain 100 makeshift domain

Domain alias 100 domain alias

Parked domain (DNS hosting) 10 domain parked

Mail domain alias 10 mail domain alias

Web Services and Tools

CGI with custom mapping for free

Own CGI Bin Directory Free

MS Frontpage support free


ASP Safe N/A

NET framework free

ASP.NET free

Server-side contains (with custom file extension) N/A

PHP with GD (latest stable version) N/A

Perl with GD (Latest Stable Version) Free

Cold Fusion MX 6.1 free

Redirect URL 100 URLs

Custom directory indexes for free

Preinstalled commonly used components / DLL free

Custom DLL components for free

Server-side image map N/A

PhpMyAdmin / PhpPgAdmin Free

Web Shell (Extended File Management Interface) N/A

Password protected directories for free

Studio Software website

(The best selling website building tool, WYSIWYG plus tons of templates and features!) Free

PHP BB 2 forum software free

Custom error document for free

MS SQL Server Manager free

Transmission Log (Access Log) Free

Referrer Protocol N/A

Agent Log N/A

Error Log N/A

Free Webalizer site statistics

Email Services and Tools

Webmail free

PO Box 1000 PO Box

Standard mailbox quota (freely adaptable to your requirements) 10 MB

Email Auto Responders 100 Auto Responders

Catch all email addresses for free

mailbox alias 100 mailbox alias

Email Forwarding 100 Email Forwarding

Mailing list 10 mailing list

Own SMTP server Free

IMAP support Free


Dedicated SSL module for free

Shared SSL Free

OS Commerce shopping cart free


MySQL user 3 users

MySQL database 3 database

Default quota for MySql database (freely customizable to your needs) 50 MB

MS SQL user 3 users

MS SQL database 3 database

Standard quota for MS SQL database (freely adaptable to your needs) 100 MB

PgSql user 3 users

PgSql database 3 database

Standard quota for PgSql database (customizable to your needs for free) 50 MB

Advanced features and others

Anonymous FTP server 3 servers

FTP sub-account N/A

Virtual FTP ServerN/A

ODBC service free

Custom DNS records for free

Shell Access N/A

Crontab N/A

Dedicated IP address 3 units

Daily backup for free

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